Sewer Rehabilitation Division


Sewer Restoration Projects:

Clark County Water Rec. District West Twain Rehab

Clark County Water Rec. District East Flamingo Rehab

City of Phoenix 16th Street Bypass

City of Peoria Rehab Emergency Project

City of Peoria 91st Ave Rehab Phase 1 & 2

Clark County Water Rec. Sloan Rehab

Clark County Water Rec. Crosstown Interceptor

Clark County Water Reclamation Emergency Project

Pima County WWTP Headworks Renovation

Phoenix Area SROG Rehabilitation

Clark County, Nevada, Emergency Sewer Rehab

City of Mesa Highway 60 Rehab Project

City of Mesa Highway 101/Baseline Road Interceptor

Siphon Structure Rehab Project

Phoenix Concrete Unlined Sewer Rehab A2, A3, & A4

City of Mesa Air Relief Valve Replacement Project

Tempe Southern Avenue Rehab Project

Pima County Wastewater Conveyance Rehab – JOC

Rehabilitate Southern Ave Wastewater Line

ADOT/Pima County Prince Rd. Bypass


Sewer Rehab Clients:

  • City of Mesa
  • Pima County Wastewater
  • City of Peoria
  • City of Phoenix
  • City of Tucson
  • Insituform Technologies
  • Pulice Construction
  • Las Vegas Paving
  • Harber Co.
  • SAK Construction
  • BAS Engineering